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Guest Blog: Project Profile - Daily Bread Bakery, Point Chev

At Planning Plus we are very lucky to work with a great group of talented professionals, including Michael Macfie from Macfie Architectural Design. We were excited to assist Michael and Daily Bread Bakery with resource consenting requirements for conversion of an old bank. This week we have a guest project profile from Michael about this project.

Project Profile - Daily Bread Bakery, Point Chev - Designed by Michael Macfie of Macfie Architectural Design

The design transformation of Point Chevalier's iconic bank building into a working commercial kitchen and dining space.

The neo-classical design, which was one of the many buildings commissioned by the Auckland Savings Bank from the architect Daniel B. Patterson in the 1930's, closed it's doors to the public in 2016 and required a complete facility overhaul and structural upgrade, in order to change the historical space into a functioning commercial kitchen.

A lot of special considerations and sensitivities came into play with the design. With a focus on honouring the original features, while meeting all the codes and requirements of a modern build.

Custom made steel joinery opening up into an outdoor dining area, Italian marble benches and restored wood panelling pay homage to the neo-classical design - with the final vision being a harmonious balance of wabi- sabi/ old and new world aesthetics. The bakery opened its doors in January to lines around the block - four months later they have become Auckland's bakery de-jour.

Daily Bread and Macfie Architectural Design are currently working on an extension of the outdoor dining area to accommodate the huge demand, while in keeping with the utilitarian design.

Founded in 2006, Macfie Architectural Design is an award winning team of architectural designers that have strong reputation for designing innovative, high quality architectural solutions across Auckland and greater New Zealand.

Collectively, Macfie Architectural Design’s team specialise in delivering bespoke architectural projects for each new subject and space.

Disclaimer As with all our blogs, the information detailed here is general in nature and meant as a preliminary guide only. This should not be substituted for your own investigations or use of your own professional’s. Planning Plus is not liable for any errors or omissions.

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