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At Planning Plus®  we always enjoy working with community groups.


We understand that for many community organisations the people involved have skills that don’t often relate to development, and this is where we can assist. We have been involved in planning and Council processes for many years; we know how these processes work and can help guide you through them.

We have a range of experience in relation to community related resource consents, including:

  • Orewa Arts Estuary Centre

  • Stoney Homestead Community Centre and Tea Rooms

  • Lighthouse Counselling Service

  • Community Events

  • Rugby World Cup 2011 related events

Orewa Community Church

Orewa Community Church were seeking to undertake additions and alterations to their existing facilities to provide for the future growth of their church. This involved the enlargement of their auditorium from a maximum seated capacity of 140 people to 260 people as well as other changes to the building.  

The existing facilities are within a residential environment and the additions proposed involved a number of development control breaches, earthworks near site boundaries and various carparking infringements related to the number, size and nature of carparking provided.Through the submission of a comprehensive Assessment of Environmental Effects and by working closely with the Council Planner and Engineer we were able to overcome the challenges that arise from seeking to extend the scale of an existing activity on a site with already established facilities.


Consent was granted without the need for any notification with conditions the applicant were comfortable they could readily meet.

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