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Events are fun times but require a lot of prior organisation and planning.


Planning Plus®  has wide-ranging experience in relation to resource consenting requirements associated with events. Some of the events we have been fortunate enough to be involved in include the Kowhai Festival, Silverdale Volunteer Firefighters Open Day and events associated with the Rugby World Cup 2011.

We were also able to assist the events team at Auckland Council by obtaining a blanket resource consent for events on roads and reserves within the former Rodney area. As part of this Planning Plus® devised a set of parameters under which events of different sizes would operate. This greatly assisted the events team as resource consents for individual events would not be required for the following five years; this reduces time delays and costs associated with obtaining individual resource consents. By thinking outside the box Planning Plus®  was able to identify a solution that worked for our client and saved them considerable time and money, and still gave the consenting authority assurances regarding the type and scale of environmental effects that would be created.

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