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s125 RMA- does my resource consent have a lapse date?

Updated: Feb 14

How long is my resource consent valid for?

Your resource consent has been approved- rejoice! Now you move onto the next phase of your project- implementing the resource consent. In most cases though, once you have your resource consent you won’t be ready to start works straight away. In may cases you will still need to think about:

  • getting detailed plans,

  • obtaining building consent,

  • getting Engineering Plans Approval (also called “EPA”),

  • getting a Vehicle Crossing Permit,

  • engaging other specialists to help you,

  • getting your finances in place.

All of this can take time, and in some cases means that it could be some time before you start doing any actual physical works on the ground. So how does this impact on your resource consent? Does it expire?

Lapse date: most resource consents will have a condition that confirms the lapse date of the resource consent. This is the date that you need to have “given effect” to your resource consent. Typically, this is 5 years but the resource consent conditions can specify another timeframe. This may be a longer timeframe for a larger application, such as a new subdivision that has a lot of civil works and will take a long time to fully implement. This does need to be part of the actual resource consent application, and you would need to clearly outline why a longer timeframe was needed and what the potential effects of this would be.

What do I need to do by the lapse date?

Before the lapse date, you need to have “given effect to” your consent. In general terms, this means establishing the actual activity or building that the resource consent relates to and meeting the related conditions. This can be a bit more complicated though with larger projects, and if you are nearing the lapse date and don’t have your resource consent fully implemented, we suggest getting specialist planning advice.

Need more guidance?

In most cases, resource consents represent a large financial investment for people. Its important to make sure you fully understand timeframes, and don’t leave things too late. Get in contact with our knowledgeable team to protect your investment. 09 427 9966 or email us today!

Disclaimer As with all our blogs, the information detailed here is general in nature and meant as a preliminary guide only. This should not be substituted for your own investigations or use of your own professional’s.

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