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Futures changing for Warkworth

Not that long ago, Warkworth was “miles away” and was mainly a rural town that people passed through on their way further north. Things are changing for Warkworth though. Having land suitable for development, good transport options and being relatively close to central Auckland, it’s an attractive area for development.

Change started with Warkworth being identified as one of two satellite towns in Auckland by the Auckland Plan, followed by rezoning of around 1000ha of land to “Future Urban” in the Auckland Unitary Plan in 2016. This is a “holding zone”- a precursor to future investigations for further development and eventual servicing and rezoning. The initial aspect of these rezoning investigations is Structure Planning. A Structure Plan provides a framework of how an area should develop.

This is where the characteristics and constraints of the land and environment are assessed, along with servicing (including roads) and community needs are assessed.

The Warkworth Structure Plan was adopted by Auckland Council in June 2019. This plan anticipates 7,500 new dwellings, industrial land and land for small centres. The existing Warkworth town centre by the Mahurangi River will remain as the focal point of the town. The Warkworth Structure Plan expects that the development of Warkworth’s Future Urban zone will occur over the long-term and is sequenced in stages over the next 20 years as bulk infrastructure capacity allows. The Structure Plan sets this staging out as follows:

As part of the process to realise the redevelopment of Warkworth, a Plan Change has recently been approved by the Council (March 2020). Private Plan Change 25 relates to approximately 99 hectares of Future Urban zoned land being rezoned to a mix of business and residential zones. This would provide for approximately 1,000 - 1,200 dwellings, 13ha of industrial/commercial land and a new neighbourhood centre of 3,000m2. This relates to an area that extends north and west of Falls Road to the motorway designation and Great North Road (SH1), west to Viv Davie-Martin Drive properties; and east to the Mahurangi River tributary that adjoins the existing Hudson Road Industrial area, and the Business – General Business zoned land further to the east.

As you can see, there are big changes underway in Warkworth. In the coming weeks we’ll take a look at Plan Change 25, other development panned for the area and the Matakana Link Road and the future development options available. Before then, if you have any questions on development options in North Auckland, get in contact. You can contact is on 427 9966 or

Disclaimer As with all our blogs, the information detailed here is general in nature and meant as a preliminary guide only. This should not be substituted for your own investigations or use of your own professional’s. Planning Plus is not liable for any errors or omissions.

Hannah Thomson is Director of Planning Plus™ and has over 17 years of resource management experience working in both local government and the private sector. This includes five years at Rodney District Council in roles including Senior Planner and Team Leader. Hannah has a wide range of experience including commercial, rural, residential and coastal development and subdivision on small to large scales and appearances at both Council and Environment Court as an expert witness for mediation and hearings. Hannah has assisted Councils with policy development and has also assisted private individuals with submissions to Council.

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